La Defense – 25 years

la defneseLA DEFENSE – 25th anniversary



LAURA DREYFUS – 35 years old – PARIS – FRANCE.

Laura is the youngest Francis Dreyfus daughter. When she remember about La Defense Concert, which her father was producer she made this beautiful poetry.

“The ear is the sun, hearing from the sea, the music, calling to us… can we hear the message that nature is trying to teach??…Calypso…under the water, in air and space, for all of us, beyond our world…one man tried to tell us all : “Waiting for Cousteau” – 25th anniversary of La Defense concert tribute season”

One of his best shows!!!!”


FRANCK BONNEAU – FRANCE , give us permition to put his video from LAND ART 2015 – EQUINOXE ART COVER in this project. Original cover by Michel Granger (France).


DENA BARMAS – 29 years old – Calgary, Canada (originally Persian),

 “Happy 25th anniversary of La Defense concert, dear Jean-Michel.

 I Was 5-6 years old when my dad brought the VHS tape home and since then my life’s more beautiful and colourful with your music. When I was a kid and couldn’t easily pronounce your name for a while I was asking my mom to play the man in pink jacket’s tape!

This is my costume from 2 years ago, inspired by your outfit at the La Defense concert


Thank you Jean-Michel, and hope to see you soon in person”



RENATO MUNDT – 39 Years old – São Paulo – Brazil – Autor do livro: “O Homem que faz a luz dançar“. Responsável também pelas artes graficas oficiais deste tributo.


“The world is a dream ,

The dream of a man ,

Dreamed one pyramid ,

The Dream of a Night,

The Dream of a world.


Paris, 14.07.1990


Le monde c’est un rêve

Le rêve d’un homme

rêvé d’une pyramide

Le rêve d’une nuit

Le rêve d’un monde


Paris, 14.07.1990


O Mundo é um Sonho,

O sonho de um Homem,

Sonhou uma Pirâmide,

O Sonho de uma Noite,

O Sonho de um Mundo.


Paris, 14/07/1990


El mundo es un sueño,

El sueño de un hombre,

Soñado una pirámide,

El sueño de una noche,

El sueño de un mundo.


París, 14/07/1990″


ALI SELIM AYTUNA – Istambul – Turquia

 “If I had a time machine, the first thing to do would be watching this concert.

I was 10 at the time, unaware of this spectacle.

Hail Jean-Michel Jarre!”


This is my cover version of Jean-Michel Jarre’s “Oxygene Part 4” and is my 25th Anniversary tribute to his epic “Paris La Defense: A City In Concert”.
My arrangement is loosely based on his live performance.”

“Draw – it was a painting I did after visiting Paris in 2010 :)”

Darren Parret


“This is my attempt at a cover of Equinoxe Part 5, inspired by the Paris La Defense performance (which was sadly cut from the concert film).”

OLIVIER LEBRA – San Diego – USA – (born in France)

EDISON MICHEL FILLIPIN – 45  years old – Estado Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil


Rendez Vous 4

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  • 2 de maio de 2019 em 22:04

    O problema são os produtores nacionais que não querem se arriscar com um artista já um pouco duvidoso e cachê alto. Não estamos mais nos anos 80…

  • 2 de maio de 2019 em 00:03

    Este cara tem algum problema com o Brasil? Por que nunca veio aqui? Até Chile e Argentina já o prestigiou. O que acontece?

  • 28 de julho de 2015 em 10:10

    Bom dia! Tenho 30 cds e 09 dvds (sendo um albúm) que comprei em Berlin !Jarre in china. Gostaria de saber, quantos cds e quantos dvds faltam para fecha a coleção? Obrigado.

  • 19 de julho de 2015 em 22:07

    So great to see the view from the ones behind it all,- I remember watching the cablings in the streets the days before and was amazed of the scale of it all. 🙂
    Perfect spot for an event like this.

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